A major part of Threshold Worlds is the series of online research meetings, seminars, and workshops on offer during the Michaelmas term and beyond. Meetings are restricted to the project team and its affiliates, while seminars and workshops are open to all! See our Events page for more information and to register.

Here are a few highlights:

‘Such Stuff as Psychoses are Made on?’

  • Public Lecture by project fellow Armando D’Agostino (sponsored and hosted by the Institute of Advanced Study) – October 7th @ 5:30pm

‘Nothing is Everything!’

  • A research meeting in which project fellow Sowon Park will discuss Korean Buddhist culture and its relationship to the mystical and spiritual import of dreams – October 22nd @ 4:00pm

‘Hypnagogic Imagery’

  • Workshop presentation by Tore Nielsen, leading expert on dreaming and sleep experiences – December 10th @ 4:00pm

In 2021…

  • We hope to host more public seminars by project affiliates and other leaders in the field, such as Peter Schwenger (Mount St. Vincent University) and Evan Thompson (University of British Columbia)!!

Adam J. Powell, October 2020