As the final month of the Michaelmas term approaches here in Durham, the Threshold Worlds team is preparing to launch a new dream questionnaire. Covering everything from spiritual dreams to memory recall, from the narrative structure of dreams to one’s beliefs about the significance of dreams, this new survey will benefit from the project’s interdisciplinary breadth. It is our hope that this study can assess not only what and how people dream but also the emotional valence and the significance attributed to their dreams. What is more, a set of standardised scales will measure dream-related beliefs and individual traits. Ultimately, the four research clusters of the project will all be represented – permeability, narrativity, immersivity, and reportability.

We are currently designing the study and hope to have it launched near the end of December. When ready, visitors to our website will be able to access the questionnaire directly from our homepage. WATCH THIS SPACE!!

Adam J. Powell, November 2020