The ‘Second Generation Cognitive Literary Studies’ group formed in 2012, prior to the publication of a special issue of Style in 2014. Since 2014, this network of scholars (with core members Marco Caracciolo, Karin Kukkonen, Marco Bernini, Lars Bernaerts and Merja Polvinen) had numerous panels at the International Society for the Study of Narrative, workshops at the University of Ghent, a writing retreat in Malta, exchanges of invited lectures in Oslo, Helsinki, Durham, and Ghent, and a transcontinental workshop at the University of California, Santa Barbara (‘Literature and the Mind’ Centre). The ‘2nd Generation Cognitive Literary Studies’ network aims at applying ‘second generation cognitive sciences’ to the study of literature. If ‘first generation’ cognitive sciences saw the mind in computational and internalist terms, new accounts in the science of mind stress its embodiment, enactive dimension, embedded nature, and extended possibilities.